Autumn Starts in Daisetsuzan

7 Nov


Last month I visited Shibetsu City, Hokkaido, to give a lecture on music therapy. On the way back home I saw beautiful autumn leaves and wild animals in Daisetsuzan National Park, the largest national park in Japan.

The Ainu called this area Kamui Mintara, meaning Playground of Gods. When you see the majestic mountains, it’s easy to understand why. Check out my new article, “Autumn Starts in Daisetsuzan.”

Onsen Myths of Fukushima

8 Oct
fukusima 090

Sabako-yu (鯖湖湯)

Onsen, hot springs, are an important part of Japanese culture, and it is one of my favorite things about Japan.

Today I want to share with you a special onsen called Sabako-yu in Iizaka, Fukushima, where my family is from.

Check out my new article, “Onsen Myths of Fukushima” on All About Japan!

‘I Cannot Forgive Myself for What I Did’: One Man’s Recollections of His Work on the Manhattan Project

6 Aug


My blog article, “I Cannot Forgive Myself for What I Did” was published on The Huffington Post USA, UK, Italy, Spain, German, Korea, and Japan:

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“I cannot believe that war is the best solution. No one won the last war, and no one will win the next war.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt


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