Japanese Love of Kouyou, Autumn Leaves in Aomori

31 Oct

Fall is one of the best times to visit Japan.  Each year starting in mid-September, kouyou (autumn leaves) moves slowly from the north to the south. Viewing of kouyou  is as much a Japanese tradition as viewing of cherry blossoms in spring.

Aomori is known for beautiful kouyou.  Two of the most well known spots are Oirase Keiryu (奥入瀬渓流) and Hakkoudasan(八甲田山).  Oirase Keiryu is scenic throughout the year, known for its beautiful waterfalls and koke (moss).  Hakkoudasan(八甲田山), located in the northwest of Oirase Keiryu, is one of “100 Famous Japanese Mountains.”

As I drove through the area last week what struck me was the contrasting colors created by evergreen trees and deciduous trees. The mountains and the forests in Aomori are made of both types of trees, which means that some trees change colors and others don’t.

There was a path where the trees on the left were deciduous trees and the ones on the right were evergreen:  The left side was covered in bright colors of yellow, orange, lime green, and red, while the right side was illuminated by dark and deep green.

Walking through the path filled with bright and colorful autumn leaves came with the realization that I had fallen in love with Aomori as I had with every place I’d ever lived.

Oirase fall Oirase fall 9 Oirase fall 7 Oirase fall 6 Oirase Hakkoudasan Fall in oirase 3

red autumn leaves

Oirase fall8


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