The adventure of taking a ferry from Aomori to Hokkaido

7 Nov

Silver FerryOne of the great things about Japan is its transportation system. The efficiency of Japanese railway system is well known worldwide.  Trains will take you anywhere in the country.  When traveling a long distance, you can take airplanes, which fly in and out of nearly 100 airports in the country.  That’s a lot of airports, considering that Japan is smaller than California.

What’s perhaps less known is its marine transportation.  There are numerous seaports throughout the country, and ferries connect Honshu (main land) to Hokkaido as well as Okinawa to Kyushu and Honshu.

When I traveled to Hokkaido this summer I took a ferry so that I could take my car.  Silver Ferry connects Hachinohe (八戸), a port city of Aomori, and Tomakomai (苫小牧), a city south of Sapporo.  It’s a large ferry that can carry hundreds of vehicles and passengers, and it runs 4 times a day.

I took the one that left Hachinohe at 10 pm.  Since it was an overnight trip, I got the room with a bed.  The ferry was new, clean, and well accommodated.  There was even a public bath where you could bathe while watching the scenery from the window.

Initially I was concerned that the long ferry ride would give me sea sickness, but it was so comfortable that I barely felt it moving.  I slept well and at 6 am the ship arrived in Tomakomai.

The ferry ride was very pleasant and memorable.  For more information on Silver Ferry, click Here.

ferry (640x309) (2)Ferry 8 (640x360)

Ferry 7 (640x360) Ferry 6 (640x384) Ferry 5 (640x360) Ferry 4 (640x360) Ferry 2 (361x640)


3 Responses to “The adventure of taking a ferry from Aomori to Hokkaido”

  1. lmjapan December 7, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    When I was in Hokkaido a couple of months ago I really wanted to take the ferry to Aomori but we ran out of time. Seeing your pictures makes me realize that I must do it the next time I’m in Northern Japan. It’s a very nice ship!

    • Yumi December 9, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

      I hope you’ll get to visit Aomori the next time. It’s cold here in winter but it’s a pretty prefecture with its own unique culture. Yes, the ferry was very nice. It’s a great way to travel from Aomori to Hokkaido.


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