New Year Haiku by Souseki

6 Jan

On New Year’s Day

I long to meet my parents

as they were before my birth

– Souseki

daliah white (640x430)


ganjitsu ni umarenusaki no oyakoishi


Natsume Souseki is one of the greatest writers in the modern Japanese history.  He had a difficult childhood and was put up for adoption.  The haiku reflects his longing for his parents on New Year, a special time for Japanese to get together with families.

This haiku resonates with me, because I’ve spent most of my adult life away from my family, and because I’ve worked with many bereaved people who long for their loved ones during this time of the year.  Whether you were able to spend time with your loved ones or not, I hope you had restful holidays.

Next Monday (January 13) I’ll begin publishing the haiku entries submitted for The Autumn Haiku Contest.  I’ve received over 40 entries from all over the world, including USA, France, Greece, Ireland, India, and Philippines.  They’ll be published in a series, and you’ll get to vote for your favorite haiku soon.  So be sure to stop by next week.  I wish you a wonderful new year.

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