Vote for The Autumn Haiku Contest, Part 3

20 Jan

Chicago peace (640x401)The new year has began, and it’s time to vote for The Autumn Haiku Contest.  Forty six haiku have been submitted from all over the world including USA, France, Ireland, Greece, Israel, Australia, Philippines, and India.  Much thanks to the entrants who have shared their love of haiku.

I’m publishing the haiku entries in series of four posts starting on January 13 (Monday), January 16 (Thursday), January 20 (Monday), and January 23 (Thursday).  Please vote for your favorite haiku in each post, and the best four haiku will be announced on  February 3 (Monday).  Then the winner will be chosen from the best four, using the same method.

The first twenty three entries were published last week.  Click here (vote 1) and here (vote 2) to see the lists and cast your vote. Here are the next twelve entries.  Use the poll at the end of the list to vote for your favorite.


Beautiful girl

average guy like me sits

waiting and waiting


Autumn wind —

all these gossips

of dead leaves


Dripping faucet

thinking of you

all night


Such beauty, no words

Can describe what the eye knows

Gazing at flowers


Delicate mist nests

Amidst tree canopy tips

Fall fringed hillside wakes


Hold heavy bucket

of parasites until I

become one with it



earth and sky come closer

to sandwich the moon


Frog leaps out –

a puddle stretches

on the lotus leaf


Autumn evening

sun and  the moon

cutely dancing on sky floor



mother as witch

breaks into peals.


Silver autumn night

tuber roses blossom in her

fragranced smiles


Autumn colors

her untouched image

without makeup


3 Responses to “Vote for The Autumn Haiku Contest, Part 3”

  1. lmjapan January 21, 2014 at 2:41 pm #

    I have to be honest, I’m not much for reading haikus or poetry, in general. But I really did enjoy reading these last 3 posts and voting for my favorites. All of them were really amazing.

    • Yumi January 21, 2014 at 3:02 pm #

      Thank you so much for your comment. I didn’t pay much attention to haiku either until recently. But my dad is a haiku poet, so he has been telling me about it for years. Now I’m glad that I’m learning about it. 🙂 Yes, these haiku are wonderful. I’m glad you enjoyed them.


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