Discover Japan Goes to UK

31 Mar
photo by Bobby under a creative commons license

photo by Bobby under a creative commons license

Last month I received the news that The Huffington Post UK was going to host Discover Japan blog.  I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to share this blog with the people of England and beyond.  My first post about Fukushima appeared on the site earlier this month.

Some of you may know that I also write about music therapy, end-of-life care, and grief at “Yumiko Sato Music Therapy.”  The Japanese version of this blog is now hosted on The Huffington Post Japan.

The content of my two blogs are different, but my goal is the same – Give readers the opportunity to look at the topics from a different perspective, whether is’t about Japan or music therapy.  I’m excited about sharing my writings with wider audiences by blogging for The Huffington Post.

The frequency of the update will probably change due to the new commitments, but I’ll continue to write my posts here.

What do you want to know about Japan?  Send me a question via contact or facebook page, and I’ll try to answer your questions.

Thank you for following this blog!



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